Pingree 2013 People and Places

Better Late than never I've said many a time! This summer has been so incredibly jam packed with fun, learning, family and friends. The week that I spent at Pingree in the beautiful Colorado mountains was indeed a memory not to be forgotten. Here are just a few highlights enjoy.....

Mother Nature....... always trying to play tricks on us with spontaneous rain, thunder and lightening also showered us with this gorgeous rainbow! What a gift!!

Look at those happy smiles! So many lovely women with humor and talent abundant and generous.Thanks Alice, Jana, Janet, Helen, Barb, and Ann for your friendship and crazy fun foolishness!

Loretta...... our own darling, deliciously talented, incredibly warm and delightful Diva!!

Maureen......Queen of organization and insight into the heart and Alice...... oh...... Alice, such fav of mine. She keeps me on my toes and continues to inspire me with her wit and humor.So much to learn and share and soooooooo little time!

Just say'in........

Hey Cindy....... I know you're lurking! Cynthia is always on the lookout for a good PC story and also on the watch for BEARS!!!

I could go on and on and on.......... Lots and lots of love and new and reunited friendships. Thanks to Carol and the committee who worked so hard to make this such a special time. My special loves...... Jana and Julie!!