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Olive Dahlia


Facetime 10 x 19

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Roll of the Dice               5' x 3'

A roll of the dice determines our DNA sequence and its ability to frame the totality of our physical presentation and our individual essence. Three sisters perspectives of the world influenced by the puzzle that was assembled with just one roll of the dice.

Finding Center     36" x 36"

Finding center......that place of peace and grounding, the authentic reservoir from which we draw our essence.

Letting Go   36 "x 36"

Keep Circling      4' x 4'

Keep circling......keep searching for that space or place that gives you meaning and purpose. You are the only one that can recognize and identify your center as home.                                     

                                                                                    Abacus                                                             50" x 20" x 5"

For some of us, sitting in the counting house of life experience, counting, counting and counting, the thought repeats itself over and over. Will I ever be good enough? We may always struggle to be better in our jobs, our relationships, our health or our ability for compassion and understanding. But, to be able to accept the value in others we must first recognize and celebrate our own beautiful complexity and unique perfection.

Yes.... I am good enough and so are you.

                                                  Making Peace                                                 14"x 14"

Bearing a new generation is in essence a “do over”.  An opportunity to repeat old dogmas and outdated thinking or a precious gift to advance new discoveries and build on essential ideas of trust, love and peace. Our very existence depends on the forward thinking of each new generation.

 Inspiring Alice                                                             12"x 16"

Inspiration is an experience. It can be an instant emotional connection between our ordinary selves and our searching for insight and understanding. It comes instinctively with our curiosity and astonishment of nature, beauty and the human spirit. Inspiration comes on a passing breeze, the laugh of a friend or in a dream so real you can reach out and touch it.

                                                                     Nostalgia                                                     16"x 19"

For some of us, the idea of returning to our past, especially our childhood has a certain push and pull that leaves us wanting. Feelings of belonging and security are comforting but give way to the reality of the present. Memories of happenings good or bad are dusted ever so carefully with a touch of fantasy, and remembrance mixed with nostalgia makes us long for that perception of what once was.

                                                                  He Said, She Said                                                     19”x 23”

 Our relationships are sometimes like walking a tight rope, they take lots of practice to get them right. The colors in this wall piece are fresh and soothing surrounding two clowns who may have had a slight difference of opinion. "He Said,She Said" reveals the  inner clown in each of us, which may be a hard act to follow.

   Mandala # 1 Earth                                                         18”x 18”

Mantra: I am safe.

The earth is our home. It provides us with food and shelter and a sense of belonging.