Here are three new wall pieces... smaller than others but just as rewarding to work on. Title: Eye On The Prize

Opinions and ideas change throughout our lives. Beliefs and loyalties can even take unrecognizable shapes. Keeping our eye on the prize of our authentic self we can be grounded in personal truth.

Title: Que Sera,Sera

Que Sera, Sera, whatever will be will be. Or will it? We can depend on the direction of the wind, a saying on a fortune cookie or the prediction of our astrological sign to determine our future or we can make the hard choices to secure our own deserved destiny.

Title: Bohemian Nouveau

I am drawn to the wandering nontraditional nature of the Bohemian, which is evident in the shapes and layers of color and the intermingling of techniques. I am captivated by the beautiful flowing scrolls, floral motifs and distinct design elements of the Art Nouveau era. Together they seem to merge into a style and feeling that reflect my own life experience.