I know!.....................it's been a while since you've heard from me!! Eeeeek!! This summer has gone sooooo fast and I've been having the time of my life. We've had lots of partying with family and friends, a lovely visit from our friends Annie and Ed Hooten from Albuquerque who took the time out of their busy vacation on their way to Oregon to come by and see us. Thanks again.... we loved it!!

The best part of the summer was the addition of a new baby girl to our family. We are in love again and so proud. Being a grandmother is everything it is cracked up to be and more.(except for the wrinkles) I don't usually post personal family events on this site but I couldn't help putting up just one photo. Can you blame me?

Finally!!!..... I had time to clean my studio! It was  a total disaster!! In between everything I have been working day and night to complete a four piece portfolio of sculpture pieces for an online Gallery. Whew!! It is finally finished and ready to photograph. The photos I am posting here are not the professional shots but you can get the idea.

This one is titled: Imagination Celebration

Albert Einstein once said" If you want your children to be brilliant.... read them fairy tales, but if  you want your children to be genius's read them more fairy tales".

The next piece is titled: Curtain Call

We all have parts to play on the stage of life..... hopefully when we take our last curtain call it will be with few regrets and hearts full of sweet memories of precious times with those we love and cherish. Encore!! (sorry these photos are slightly fuzzy, a photographer I am not)

Well..... that's all folks!! Thanks for tuning in ..... I'll be back sooon!