Here are detail pictures of the four mandalas that were included in the gallery show. They are pictured along with their titles and mantras. These were so fun to do and ponder on while working.

A mandala is a shape, pattern, or form created to facilitate meditation. The unconscious mind re-orientates the world from distractions and outside influences to one of inner focus, with the purpose of achieving self-awareness, wisdom and compassion. Mandalas have been used in the Eastern traditions for centuries to create “sacred spaces” in ones’ life.

Nature is the greatest source of the mandala, whether looking at the mountains, or the stars in the sky we are forever surrounded by the circle as a symbol of completion that is central to the mandala. When natural mandalas are combined with symbols of everyday experience that involve emotion such as love, discovery, and personal acceptance we can truly transcend into that peaceful realm that we so passionately seek.