If I were Queen

Yes.... just when I thought I was going into my studio to produce a plethora of new work, life had other plans. My grandson was born tiny and frail and I made the decision to give him the best care I knew he needed while his reluctant mama went back to work. He was my gift for eight months until I was handed another challenge in the form of a much needed hip replacement. Oh how privileged we are to experience life at all! The good, the bad and the surprises. I stole minutes from here and there to complete this piece. It took ten months but it kept me in the groove while waiting and waiting to return to the studio full time. I'm almost there....... If I Were Queen

Privilege is a tricky subject. Is it the talent you were born with or the money you inherited? Some of us just got lucky genes or were in the right place at the right time, or were born into the favored gender, color or social status or plopped down in a country brimming with opportunity for all...... or not. We don't get to choose our beginnings for good or bad and that realization alone should stun us with a good dose of humility and compassion for our fellow humans.

(sorry for the poor photos..... I'll be getting better ones soon!)

queen 7.jpg
queen 8.jpg
Queen 4.jpg